Benefits of DiSC Assessments

DiSC presents a great opportunity for Organizations, Professionals and Trainers. Given below are some of the benefits of using DiSC Assessment. To make the best of the opportunity to use DiSC assessments, gain an Internationally Recognized Trainer Certification from Strengthscape and get an EPIC sub account to administer the profiles to your colleagues and clients.

Benefits for Organization:

Make recruitment decisions objective and comprehensive

DiSC can be used in an important and supporting role in the selection process. It helps us understand what we can expect from a candidate before hiring – to ensure that behavioral priorities complement the company culture, other team members and the role itself. By administering the DiSC profile to the candidates in a recruitment process, you can frame powerful questions that ascertain how people are expected to behave in the work context. It provides an insight into their strengths and limitations.

Convert groups and cohorts into cohesive teams

The DiSC model is the most popular, non-judgmental tools, used for understanding behavioral types and personality styles that enhances teamwork. Strengthscape has very successfully facilitated team building sessions using the DiSC profiles. Teamwork can be improved by engaging teams in team building workshops. This team building workshop takes a half a day and can be either a standalone session or part of a strategic retreat or review session.

Participants take the on-line assessment prior to the workshop to gain insight into their DiSC® style. During the workshop, the participants engage in discussions on their style, the strengths and challenges, the styles of their team members and stakeholders, and how their styles play out in their workplace interactions. Participants then learn strategies to leverage their style variance to improve interpersonal communication, mutual trust, and achieve collective results.

Make better internal mobility decisions

The DiSC profile provides an objective and easy way to understand behavioral tendencies, that may contribute to the judgment of a candidate's suitability for promotion into a leadership role or transition into a different role. Corporates and Human Resource professionals use DiSC to determine if there is an apparent mis-match between the role and the internal candidate's behavioral strengths and tendencies, as well as a development tool when preparing individuals to take up a more complex role.

Provide individualized feedback for effective development plans

A well-thought-out development plan provides your employees with opportunities and clear direction on how to advance their career. And with a flexible behavioral style, they have more opportunities to forge long term relationships. It’s a win-win for the company and the staff member. An employee's development plan shouldn’t be created on a whim.

Managers tend to, like any other human being, carry biases. By understanding the business needs of the future, an employee’s skills and competencies and mapping it to the future requirements of skills and behavioral competencies, effective development plans can be created. DiSC assists in determining the strengths the person has and how that may play out in the future. It can provide an objective method of determining the soft skill training and development needs of an individual.

Create a better relationship with clients

To establish rapport with customers, it is helpful to understand and converse in ways that they would prefer, and not necessarily the way the sales person would like. If the customer is logical, analytical and detail oriented and the sales person is people oriented and enthusiastic then there is going to be a certain amount of disconnect in the conversation.

DiSC enhances an understanding of how we might customize our message so that it gets through the customer's mental filtering system - their buying style. DiSC is often used in sales training programs.

Benefits for Trainers

Individualize your training programs

All styles have a different priority which means that they appreciate different learning methods and environment. By understanding the differences in learning styles, trainers can learn to individualize their training programs and have something for everyone in group sessions. This will enable them to be more effective trainers and coaches.

Expand the scope of your services

Trainers often find it difficult to scale up their practice. By gaining access to the DiSC administration EPIC account, they can build a separate revenue stream that doesn’t require much of their personal time. This greatly enhances the value of services they provide to their customer. They also find frequent opportunities for rolling out DiSC which is incremental revenue for many freelance trainers.