DiSC Classic vs Everything DiSC

DiSC Classic Everything DiSC
Introduction The Original Personal Profile System. World’s most popular DiSC assessment. Most contemporary role specific assessment series by Wiley. Targeted assessment reports for Workplace, Leadership, Management, Sales, and 360 Degree Feedback.
Questionnaire Uses 28 forced multiple choose word clusters of four adjectives each, requiring the selection of both “most like” and “least like” by the respondent. Uses 79 words/adjectives on a five-point scale (Adaptive testing) indicating how much each adjective describes them.
Presentation Results are presented in a hard copy or a pdf format depending on which test you take. Results are presented in a pdf format.
Graph Traditional line graph Model that is available in both online DiSC Classic 2.0 or in paper booklet form (C-888). Originally designed as a self-scoring paper booklet called Personal Profile System and later converted to DOS and then Windows online versions. The graph model provides results based on 15 DiSC classical patterns. Utilizes contemporary technology and research methods, to provide a precise analysis based on 8 scales of D, Di/iD, I, iS/Si, S, SC/CS and C DiSC styles and their relation to each other.
Duration Takes about 15-25 minutes of respondent time to complete. Takes about 20-25 minutes of respondent time to complete.
Reliability Has a high reliability and validity using the 38-year-old DiSC graph model. It has a proven track record and large following. Everything DiSC is based on most current research, with the highest degree of validity and reliability of any DiSC profile.