What is an EPIC Account?

EPIC by John Wiley & Sons (earlier known as Inscape Publishing) is a do-it-yourself (DIY) service for delivering online access codes to assess respondents. This online system provides you with maximum independence and control. It archives all individual and group reports in your online account.

Must I use EPIC?

Not really! You can use any of our DiSC assessments without having an EPIC account. You can lead an effective DiSC training program without owning an EPIC account. All you would need to do is send us the participant information in an excel format (we will send you a template) and we will release the assessments for you.

Why should I use EPIC?

What Are EPIC Credits by John Wiley & Sons (Erstwhile Inscape Publishing)

"EPIC Credits" is the term used to describe the currency used in the EPIC System. You can buy EPIC Credits in multiple currencies including INR / Indian Rupees in India via Strengthscape and in US Dollars. Credits are needed to generate links for taking the assessment. Credits are necessary to issue access codes. Think of Credits as a balance on your bank's debit card. Each report in the system a certain number of EPIC Credits. For instance, it takes 15 credits to generate one link of the Everything DiSC Workplace Report. So, every time you issue a DiSC Workplace Report link, 15 credits are deducted from your DiSC EPIC Account. Once you exhaust the credits in your system, you can replenish them by buying EPIC Credits from Strengthscape. Buy them as you need them; they live for ever; they never ever expire! The more Credits you buy per purchase transaction, the more DOLLARS you SAVE!

Here is how you calculate the credits for DiSC reports:

Credits Required = Credits per profile x No . of Profiles

Is it easy to administer an EPIC Account?

It's super easy! Just add some EPIC credits to your account, and you can start administering Everything DiSC assessments and creating follow up reports.

Would you like to explore an EPIC sub account? Log in to our demo account:

Username: demoaccount
Password: Strengthscape