Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile


Details of Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile

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Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders brings together the 360◦ feedback and the simplicity and power of DiSC to create the most effective 360 feedback tool. Along with this, it also provides 03 strategies for improving leadership effectiveness.

What makes Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders truly unique is the CommentSmart feature that eliminates the possibility for open comment, which are often distasteful personal attacks.

Understanding the profile becomes very easy with the help of visuals and a powerful narrative.

The tool is based on the premise that it is important to understand one before you lead others.

This profile answers to the questions:

Uses of ED 363 for Leaders Profile
  • Leadership development
  • 360◦ feedback
  • Managerial effectiveness
  • One to one coaching
Features of ED 363 for Leaders Profile
  • This 25-plus- page report explains a wide spectrum of information of behaviors called Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership.
  • Unlimited raters
  • Easy to read and understand, with visuals
  • 03 strategies for improving effectiveness
  • FREE six- page Everything DiSC 363 Coaching Supplement with each leader report
  • FREE support materials
  • CommentSmart feature, that provides constructive feedback from a list of available options
Additional Reports Available for the Facilitator Facilitator Kit for Trainers Available
Free comparison reports Use EPIC to administer ED 363 for Leaders Profile