Everything DiSC Sales Profile

Details of Everything DiSC Sales Profile

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Everything DiSC Sales helps the salespeople in connecting with their customers in a better manner.

Everything DiSC Sales increases the effectiveness of sales using the powers of DiSC. It combines the online pre-work and online follow-up reinforcement for a complete sales training experience.

It is helpful for the sales people in understanding themselves, their customers and learning to flex their style for better customer relationships. It can be customized according to the requirement of the salespeople. The Everything DiSC Sales has been designed to be used with the Everything DiSC Sales Facilitation Kit.

Uses of ED Sales Profile
  • Customer service training
  • Sales training
Features of ED Sales Profile
Everything DiSC Sales is a 25-page Profile that focuses mainly on:
  • Understanding your DiSC style
  • Recognizing and understanding the buying behaviors of the customers
  • Adapting your style of sales to the buying style of the customers
  • The profile comes with a people-reading module that enables sales people to identify the DiSC style of their customers
Additional Reports Available for the Facilitator
Facilitator Kit for Trainers Available Free comparison reports Use EPIC to administer ED Sales Profile