How to buy EPIC Credits?

Do you wish to buy EPIC credits based Everything DiSC Profiles in India, USA, Singapore or any other country? Read on!

EPIC Credits work like postage meter. Every time you release a link to a respondent for taking An Everything DiSC assessment, your credit balance goes down. EPIC System is highly intuitive. Even if you are a novice, you could learn to maneuver through the EPIC system in a matter of minutes.

Each of the Wiley's DiSC reports is assigned a EPIC Credit value. e:g Everything DiSC Workplace reports costs 15 credits. EPIC Credits are deducted from the inventory credits in your EPIC Sub Account when access codes are assigned / links released.

How to buy EPIC Credits?

Buying EPIC Credits in India or any other part of the world is easy. Simply go to our cart page for buying EPIC Credits -

Click on the report you wish to buy, enter the quantity and navigate through the secure payment gateway. You could also just buy EPIC Credits and use them to administer the reports of your choice once the credits are in your system. Strengthscape usually provides the EPIC credits in a matter of minutes of you completing the buying process online. Remember that volume based EPIC Credit based packages are available. Also, there are many payment options - from credit card to debit card and direct bank transfer. We accept international payments via paypal.

Our trainers and EPIC credit system experts are on a stand by most of the working day. You could get into a chat on the website or call us at +91 9740001600 or a skype call to discuss rates, packages, post purchase support etc. Our skype ID is discprofiles.