Team Dimensions Profile Group Report


Details of Team Dimensions Profile Group Report

Rating: 4.6(21 ratings)
This report provides an introduction for the different team roles. This report shows the priorities which are most important for the group.

The report gives insights into what are the priorities of the team and how they make decisions.

We can see in a graphic from, the percentage of team members distributed across the roles.

An individual data table is also provided with primary and secondary priorities of each member.

The group can understand their strengths and challenges with this report.

Uses of Team Dimensions Profile Group Report
  • Team building
  • Conflict management
Features of Team Dimensions Profile Group Report
  • It is an 11-page report, which identifies the style, dynamics as well as maintaining the balance within the team.
  • This report is created with a minimum of 3 members’ complete Individual Team Dimensions online profiles.
  • This report is available with the online profiles only.
  • Brief overview of each of the five team roles.
  • Snapshot of the individual team members’ roles.
  • Percentage of group members in each role.
  • Graphic summary of the priorities of the group.
  • Discussion on the strengths and limitations of the group.
  • Individual Data Table stating the name of each of the team member and his or her primary role and secondary tendency.
Use EPIC to administer Team Dimensions Profile Group Report