Time Mastery Profile


Details of Time Mastery Profile

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Setting the priorities and managing the time are foundation of enhancing the performance of any organization.

The Time Mastery profile provides invaluable insights into the current time management method and its effectiveness for each individual.

This profile is available both as an online and paper pencil test.

The profile assesses 12 critical areas for time management and productivity.

Uses of Time Mastery Profile
  • Time management
  • Personal effectiveness
  • One to one coaching
Features of Time Mastery Profile
  • Skill gap analysis is available in the Online profile only
  • Change of habits and building action plans
  • Tapping into a powerful tool that helps in self- assessment
  • Practical tips which help in transforming self- awareness into results
Additional Reports Available for the Facilitator Facilitator Kit for Trainers Available Free comparison reports
Use EPIC to administer Time Mastery Profile