Why EPIC Credits from Wiley

EPIC Credits provide a seamless way to transact in a connected yet complex world of multiple currencies. If you have questions about how EPCI credits work and need to have a conversation with someone to explain how it works, just write to contact@strengthscape.com

Why EPIC Credits make absolute sense for stakeholders:

EPIC Credits for Trainers

EPIC Credits make it easy for trainers, coaches and consultants to buy DiSC assessments. 1) There is no risk of buying reports in bulk and then loosing the flexibility to administer different types of reports. Trainers buy EPIC Credits from Everything DiSC Authorized Partners like Strengthscape and they can use the credits to buy a host Everything Assessments. 2) Due to the fluctuations in international exchange rates, it becomes difficult to manage client contracts. With EPIC Credits, you can always maintain an inventory of these virtual coupons. This makes business transactions and costing predictable. 3) Since EPIC Credits never expire, there is no risk in having an inventory.

EPIC Credits for Customers

It makes great sense for customers to buy EPIC Credits and maintain a Sub Account system with their trainer. This is because it provides great flexibility to the customer to not only administer, print, save, generate follow up reports but also be able to distribute the rights to administer the reports internally to different divisions by maintaining region-wise or business wise sub accounts under the main account.

Many customers have budgets that expire at the end of the year. By predicting the usage of assessments next year, they can buy PEIC Credits in bulk before the budget expires. This provides two advantages - you make best use of the budgets you have and two you get better quantity based pricing.

  1. Our DiSC Certified Trainer and Everything DiSC experts provide free consultation on EPIC Credits and how to make the best of quantity based pricing.
  2. EPIC Credits introduced by erstwhile Inscape Publishing works on Quantity-based pricing. There is no need to buy bundles of products that risks spending more than you need at time.
  3. We offer the option for quick turn around - we can release access codes and turn around completed reports in a matter of minutes.
  4. EPIC system provides you with the ability to administer, save, print, brand and customize online Everything DiSC Profiles and beyond DiSC Wiley assessments and reports.

We also provide On-site customized training and hand holding to meet your needs.